Meet Bex, or Becca, or Becky, or Rebecca – a photographer with a knack for capturing your true essence! Her journey into photography wasn't a direct path, as she spent nearly 15 years in legal operations management before discovering her creative purpose. Like many creatives, this purpose only unveiled itself after years of immersion in a different realm. Now, Bex uses her keen eye and vision to help clients, especially professional women age 30-65+, explore and express themselves through impeccable headshots that truly reflect their individuality.

What sets Bex Wood apart from other photographers is her ongoing fascination with photography that offers a twist, something unexpected that inspires a double or even triple take. Her earliest inspiration is from the stylized shots of SNL cast members and hosts. These striking images have a powerful way of communicating something unique about each personality while commanding attention and leaving a lasting impression. With the same vigor, Bex loves photography that offers a zing or some pizazz!

Her collaborative approach with clients ensures that she gets to know them on a personal level, understanding their essence and what they want to convey through their headshots. This empathetic quality helps Bex capture exquisite images that are not only compelling but also tell a story about the person in front of the camera.

I'm BEx!

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To emphasize the importance of having excellent headshots, Bex's experience and enthusiasm serve as the backbone for her work. She believes that an outstanding headshot is more than just a pretty picture – it is the first impression you make on a potential employer or colleague, and it speaks volumes about your professionalism, competence, and personal brand.

As you browse through the pages on this website, you'll get to know the engaging, empathetic, and energetic woman behind the lens. Her transformative journey from legal operations management to a sought-after headshot photographer is a testament to her dedication and passion for her craft. As you seek to enhance your professional image, you can be confident that Bex will provide you with headshots that leave a lasting impression and set you apart from the crowd.

In essence, Bex Wood's mission is to help professional women like you shine with confidence and authenticity through captivating headshots. Join her and discover how a single image can make all the difference in your professional journey. Let your true essence take center stage through Bex's unique photographic approach!

beauty begins the moment you decide to love yourself

I believe

tacos, guacamole and clients are my best friends

I believe


I believe

we all are creative souls, filled with pure magical rainbows

I believe

a photoshoot in France!

4. a dream of mine is:

Spring! I love wildflowers

3. my favorite season of the year:

I'm 33% Scottish (Thank you Ancestry DNA)! Growing up in Lousiana, I always thought I mostly had French ancestors.

2. An interestng thing about me:

Sulphur, Louisiana

1. I was born in…

8. My hidden talent is:

Cooking homemade pizzas

Our puppy Bobby

7. The best gift I got:

Tacos and guacamole!

6. My favorite food in the world is

Costa Rica please!

5. My dream destination is...


the quiz

let's get a coffee!

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