I love creativity! And after spending 12+ years doing what I thought I was "supposed" to do, working in the business of law (legal administration/office management), I finally got my head on straight and followed my heart's passion, artistic creativity.

The very first sizzles of my love for photography began as a child when I watched SNL each weekend. My favorite part was always the opening credits where they showed a fun headshot of each of the actors. I always wanted to be able to create images like that, but it seemed beyond my reach. Fast-forward 20 years and now those are my favorite kind of shoots to create!

I love photography that isn't mainstream--something that makes you take a second and a third look, and I strive for that with every one of my shoots.

I'm becca!

hello friend

beauty begins the moment you decide to love yourself

I believe

tacos, guacamole and clients are my best friends

I believe


I believe

we all are creative souls, filled with pure magical rainbows

I believe

It was in the midst of the COVID shutdown when when I realized that my inner fulfillment and happiness (or rather, un-happiness at that time) affected so much more than just me. It spilled over into my family's lives and affected their own well-being. Upon realizing I could never be truly happy and deeply fulfilled unless I allowed my creative side to be nurtured and bloom.  

So, I did a wild and crazy thing! I quit my well-paying and secure day job, took a few weeks to give myself some much-needed self-love, recaptured my spirit, then I DOVE STRAIGHT INTO entrepreneurship! I love the freedom to design with my heart and serve my clients with love and appreciation for my craft and their inner beauty.

I'd love to meet you and get to work together. I can't wait to hear your story and make you shine through pictures.

Love, Becca

In the studio, I tend to over-prepare for every shoot I'm on. I enjoy planning prompts for poses, studying light, character/theme ideas, and wardrobe ahead of time. But I can also be a ball of nerves! I've found that I can harness my nervous energy by prepping ahead of time, meditating for focus, and turn my nervous energy into an even stronger drive to create a fabulous fun-filled session!

At home. I live with the love of my life, Brian, and am crazy about our two mini-mes, Aubree and Alea, and so proud of our strapping young man, Nick, 18. The little life we’ve built together is what I cherish most in this world.

I'm artistic by nature, but I ignored this part of my inner-being for a long time. Way too long, really. I thought I had to go to work, 9-5, at an office and climb the ranks in order to be successful. I tried that, and I was successful, but my heart was so unhappy. 

dear friend

a photoshoot in France!

4. a dream of mine is:

Spring! I love wildflowers

3. my favorite season of the year:

I'm 33% Scottish (Thank you Ancestry DNA)! Growing up in Lousiana, I always thought I mostly had French ancestors.

2. An interestng thing about me:

Sulphur, Louisiana

1. I was born in…

8. My hidden talent is:

Cooking homemade pizzas

Our puppy Bobby

7. The best gift I got:

Tacos and guacamole!

6. My favorite food in the world is

Costa Rica please!

5. My dream destination is...


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let's get a coffee!

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